Friday, August 29, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Travel Day (Fri. Aug. 29)

Today Steffani Tollefson and I started our trip to the Republican National Convention. After getting lost for an hour trying to find our hotel we are finally able to relax and focus on the week ahead.
We have been looking forward to this opportunity all summer to work as runners for CBS Network Radio and for it to finally be here is very unreal. During this presidential election I have felt very lucky to be an Iowan, more so an Iowa reporter. This Republican Convention is just a stepping stone to what I did in Iowa. I was on the ground floor at the republican caucuses reporting election results to my home town radio station in Marshalltown, Iowa (KFJB 1230). Steffani and I have also done extensive research on the election process and on the candidates last fall in Dr. Jeff Stein’s Political Reporting class.
I would also like to say it feels great to be a woman today. Before we left for the Twin Cities John McCain selected his running mate and it was a woman, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. I am not saying I will vote for her just because she is a woman, but I do think this is going to be a historic, yet very interesting election.

Make sure you keep checking our blog all week for pictures, video, more blogging.
-Nikki Newbrough

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