Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC in Denver Day Three (Wed. Aug. 27)

The Convention continues on and many locals and spectators hope the chaos and commotion will begin to seize. As I talked with a Denver resident I began to find out the inconviences that are placed upon them as they try to survive the week. Businesses are closing their shops allowing employees the opportunity to avoid the crowds, Families have planned their vacations around the DNC so they can avoid the crowds all together, Schools have arranged their class schedules to avoid as many conflicts as possible and the list goes on. As annoyed as some Coloradans might be, many still feel the need to observe the ongoings of this historic event so that they too have a story to tell.

With all of the hard working and money that was spent to attact the DNC to the Mile High City, much of the publicity that the city and the organization of this event is getting is ctiricism and negativity. Images of corruption can be seen throughout the streets and throughout the media. In almost every area of the city, police are on guard waiting for the next fight to break out, drug to be dealt or any other illegal act that is occuring throughout this week. Police arrive in squat cars, ride throughout the city on horseback, foot or bike. Many police post themselves on street corners with video cameras and camers so they will have proof of any illegal activity that is occuring on the streets of Denver. No one is able to escape the view of another arrest or suspicious activity.

Through the convention I witnessed several arrests including the selling of cocaine, protesting and assults. The DNC has attracted many outsiders to the city who are looking to stir some commotion. Police are doing what they can to keep the city at ease but with such an increase in crowds it can be very hard to control. As I walked the streets near the Convention Hall, the images and feelings that surround you are unlike any city I have been in. As they convention goes on, it appears as if now only two types of people remain. The impatient one who increasingly becomes filled with anger and hatred because their goals of this week have not yet been met and their voice has not yet been heard. While the irritiable one is eager to leave the city as they have already had the experiences and opportunities that they expected to have.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Convention with the finale being Barack Obama's acceptance speech. The time crunch is being felt with relief, eagerness and for some panic. The city of Denver has increased its population seemling over night and will clear out just the same. Everyone is geared up the final day with whatever that day might bring.

Here are some photos taken during the protests, and the city police reaction (see earlier DNC in Denver posts for details).

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