Saturday, August 30, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Prep Day One (Sat. Aug. 30)

Today was a great day, once we finally got started. One thing I’ve learned is that I truly am a runner…running to do or get whatever the boss, Craig, wants. But we got to see some very cool behind the scenes things.

The big picture: when you walk into the main floor where the convention will be held you see red, red, and more red with some white and blue thrown in. The seats on the floor where the delegates will sit are lower than the floor. Then the stage is plexiglass that reflects the backdrop screen. There are clear stairs that lead up to the stage. The stairs have lights in them that change colors. Everyone is running around putting things together so it will be ready when the main event begins on Monday. There are thousands of balloons on the ceiling waiting to be dropped.

I bet it is going to be a cool sight when they finally drop Thursday night for McCain!

So far my favorite part has been meeting people. We met many people that work for CBS, convention volunteers, and the secret service.


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