Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC in Denver Day Four (Thu. Aug. 28)

Patriotism, Hope and Power can only begin to describe the feelings that could be felt throughout the 80,000+ spectators that filled the seats of Invesco Field to hear Barack Obama accept the nomination as the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate. As crowds upon crowds lined the streets leading to Invesco Field one could feel the energy and historic happenings that were about to occur before our very eyes.

As we arrived at Invesco Field, one could not help but be filled with pride and patriotism as Shawn Johnson gave the Pledge of Allegiance. Various speeches and performances shortly followed including Bill Richardson, Stevie Wonder, Al Gore, Sheryl Crow and many other talented professionals. The excitement increasingly grew as the audience anticipated Obama's speech. Immediately before Obama took stage the crowd was brought to silence as a video played depicting Obama's childhood, his hardships and his rise to become the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Many laughs were had and tears fought as Obama captured the emotions of all those in the audience. No matter ones view on his voting record or the promises that he makes as President, one has to admire him for his courage and his optimism that he inspires in all those around him. He has the power to influence everyone in hope for a better tomorrow. A belief that someone truly cares about them and that their leader will work hard for them everyday they are in office. Obama exclaimed that he is not where he is today because of anything he did but he is where he is because of the American people.

Barack Obama is a model for inspiration and for an individual's ability to change themselves, their situation and the communities in which they reside. No matter what the outcome of this election, Barack Obama will forever be an idol for the average American wanting and hoping for a change. He has motivated people across the United States to be better, to do better, and to continue to hope for more. America is truly better and more inspired now because of the efforts, the travels, and the speeches of Barack Obama.

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