Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC in Denver Day One (Mon. Aug. 25)

Protestors, Delegates, Reporters, Politicians, and other political activists and observers began arriving on Sunday, August 24th. Each trying to find their own niche within the Convention and how they might be a part of history. With an online schedule of the weeks events, we (FINS) too tried to find where we might fit into this political realm. We decided to get a feel for the weeks events by heading downtown to observe rallies and protests while checking out the various booths being displayed on the Capitol Lawn.

As we walked the streets of Denver, one could feel the difference in objectives, backgrounds and knowledge that were displayed throughout a variety of means. Words cannot describe the passion and energy that was present from Union Station down the 16th Street Mall right up to the Colorado State Capitol. Everyone had something to say and a deep passion that had attracted them to this city.

The various interests groups and protestors brought a sense of hope and democracy that their efforts were making a difference in the upcoming presidential elections. Politicians worked endlessly networking with their parties influential leaders. Delegates can be seen wearing their badges with pride as they seem to glow with satisfaction of doing their part to represent their state at the National Convention. Spectators and Reporters scramble to catch the breaking news story whether that is the famous actress being seen eating on an outdoor patio on the 16th Street Mall or the Anti-War protestors causing a scene on a street corner as they debate those passing by.

The commotion is clear that Americans are passionate and eager to move past the current presidency and make the next chapter of the American story a historic one. This week, Denver is filled with political excitement much like that of New Hampshire and Iowa during the first in the nation primary and caucus. The atmosphere in many ways is quite different as Democrats fight to become united and to rally together as a party to win in November.

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