Friday, August 29, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Travel Day (Fri. Aug. 29)

Hey this is Steffani. Nikki and I will be serving as runners at the Republican National Convention for CBS Network Radio. I am really excited to finally get things going after much anticipation this summer and our travel adventures today.

Being from MN I sort of know this area, so I figured driving to MN and finding our hotel would be no problem. We drove around for at least an hour and a half trying to find this hotel. We stopped for directions twice, before calling my Mom for the hotel phone number so we could figure out where it was…literally hiding behind a few bushes.

I think we’re going to have to call it an early night because we have to be at the Xcel Energy Center early tomorrow and need to allow time for the Twin Cities lovely rush hour traffic.

Be sure to keep reading our blog for updates on the RNC and some behind the scenes footage.

-Steffani Tollefson

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