Saturday, August 30, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Prep Day One (Sat. Aug. 30)

Today was our first day with CBS Radio. Our main runner duties today included moving boxes and putting up CBS posters. We talked to the engineers a lot today and they said they will have to put in a late night tonight because they have to make sure everything is up and running by Monday. Talking to these engineers made me feel for the media people at the Republican National Convention because they had such a fast turnaround to make from the Democratic Convention in Denver.
The atmosphere at the “pre-convention” is crazy. The Secret Service started to get tight this afternoon. Steffani and I had to make sure all of our things were out of CBS’s newsroom by 3:30 this afternoon so the Secret Service could make a sweep through it with drug dogs at 4:00.
The ground floor where all the speakers and delegates will be is so professional yet pretty. There is a huge backdrop made of hundreds of TV’s, and the stage reflects the backdrop as video is being played. I can tell there have been many hours in preparing for this week. I am very anxious to see all of this hard work put to use on Monday.


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