Monday, September 1, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Day One (Mon. Sept. 1)

Right off the bat today we had some excitement. As Nikki and I were walking into the Xcel Energy Center we saw protestors from the organization Iraq Veterans Against the War. They are an organization of Iraq service members and veterans who support an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. occupying forces form Iraq. The protestors were peaceful yet full of emotions.

Today I also got to meet a few famous people. Dan Raviv, one of the CBS news anchors, interviewed the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. He talked about the pregnancy of Palin’s 17 year old daughter. He said, “The pregnancy is a personal matter and has nothing to do with the election. She will be supportive to her daughter and grandchild and that will be the end of it. He also talked specifically about McCain. Gingrich thinks McCain redeemed himself when he was holding town hall meetings in New Hampshire. “If what people want is eloquence then they will vote for Obama, if what they are looking for is facts then McCain,” said Gingrich.

One of my other jobs today was to help organize the affiliate station’s convention floor passes. While I was waiting for one of the stations to come back with the pass another runner pointed out to me that they were shooting a segment of the Daily Show. The photographer came over to us and said Jason Jones is going to come over hear and do something if you guys don’t laugh ok? So walked over to us while we were talking and gave me a hug and said everything is going to be ok…but then he changed his mind and thought it would be funnier if he hugged Michael. So he did it again and gave Michael a hug. The Daily Show is one day behind, so tomorrow if you watch it I might be on TV.


George said...
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George said...

Oh and why the pink font? Very unprofessional.

newb said...

Lighten up george. The ladies are doing fine. Sorry you didn't get to see a full scale riot. By the way, if your son is so talented then start to save your money and send him to the best Comm Arts school in America, Wartburg College. Be Orange.