Tuesday, September 2, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Day 2 (Tues. Sept. 2)

Meeting new and famous people is the most exciting part of the Republican National Convention. Today Steffani and I had the chance to meet former CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer. He was a very lovely man who loves the Iowa caucus. "I love being in Iowa during caucus time, but I only wish they had it in June or July instead of January"said Schieffer. This picture is right before Schieffer did an radio interview in CBS's sky box.
We also had the chance to meet Governor Mike Huckabee. As Steffani and I were walking down "Talk Show Row" we noticed a crowd around one of the tables. We looked over and it was in fact the Governor. After we spotted his publicist we had to try to get him through the crowd of media, upstairs to the CBS sky box for a quick interview. His people were really skeptical about the interview because they needed to get him out of the convention and get him to another speaking engagement. Steffani, Vanessa (CBS), and myself were able to charm him into following us upstairs for the interview. I just brought up his win at the Iowa caucuses and he was a happy camper.

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