Monday, September 1, 2008

RNC in St. Paul Day One (Mon. Sept 1)

The start of the convention was pretty low key. Although President Bush was not in attendance, his wife First Lady Bush did give a ten minute speech. Cindy McCain, looking fabulous as always, spoke for ten minutes after the First Lady. Listening to these women I was actually impressed with how much the first ladies are involved with this whole election process. Other than Senator Hilary Clinton I thought all the first ladies had to do was stand there, agree with their husbands, and look pretty. These ladies must remember and know as much as their husbands if they want to be in the White House.

My main job today for CBS was working with all the CBS affiliates. What that meant was all of the CBS radio stations had to come to me to get a press credential to be on the floor with the delegates. I really enjoyed this job because it was nice to meet all the CBS broadcasters across the United States. Another big job Steffani and I had was to get interviews for the CBS affiliates on “Talk Show Row.” “Talk Show Row” is where all the radio talk shows are located. The video below is an interview with a CBS station and Dotty Lynch. She is a political consultant for CBS.


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