Friday, February 15, 2008

Student Run Media; Just Like Us

After the press conference in Altgeld Hall we came to the Northern Star for see how NIU's student run newspaper was controlling things during this tragic event. To our surprise it was actually pretty calm. As we were talking with staff here we made connections with the editor and chief, John Puterbaugh. As we watched John talk to numerous reporters he kept telling them how proud he was with his staff. He explained that after everyone found out about the shootings he had about 30 staff memebers come to the newspaper office and help. He explained that everyone pitched in to put their next issue out today.

This only makes me wonder what our media staff would do with this situation. Would we be as calm as the Northern Star?

After all of this Travis, Natalie, and I know the improtance of our Wartburg media family and connection.


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