Friday, February 15, 2008

A Fearless Leader

The Northern Star is the voice of Northern Illinois University. Just walking into their newsroom today and its clear, this group of college students mean business. Today is especially hard for them, covering the greatest tragedy their campus has ever seen.

Today the newspaper staff searches for answers. Unlike the other media that floods their campus, the staff of the Northern Star are reporting on their home front. Each and every news article they write has a personal connection. They are doing more than reporting on people, they are reporting on their friends, colleagues, and more importantly the place they call home.

Leading this group is Northern Star Editor in Chief, John Puterbaugh. John is a senior at NIU this year and like many of his cohorts, will never forget this day. For John these past few hours have been an adrenaline rush. I asked him what it has been like covering a story so close to home and he says you don't even have time to think. Beyond the lens of John's camera and beneath the bleed of his pen John is reporting a story that will make its mark in history.

Just talking with John and its apparent that he is strong in character. Even with every major media outlet biting at his heals he still found time to sit and talk with us. Holding back emotion and fear John shared both excitement and gratitude for his staff. He frequently comments on the near thirty staff members that came to work on today's paper.

Our deepest respect goes out to John and his staff. Together they work to share a voice, and a message that they hope will bring truth and closure to the NIU community.

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